Women’s Paddle Fit

We are building a community of motivated women, driven by self expression & exploration. Live free and be well!!


what Women’s Paddle-Fit is all about! 

We come together to meet our common needs⁣

~We want to feel loved and accepted just as we are

~We want more than just physical fitness, we want emotional growth

~We want to belong, and feel present with each other

~We want to conquer our fears in a safe environment


Whether you are an experienced paddler or simply interested in trying this amazing sport, our Women’s Paddle-Fit classes are a must try! Women’s Paddle-Fit is a great way to gain the knowledge & skills you need to have a safe and enjoyable time on the water while getting an insane workout! Our goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental environment by providing top of the line equipment combined with Michelle’s compassionate approach to incorporating outdoor fun with fitness! 

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A Women's Paddle Fit group demonstrates their love of Paddle Fit by showing off their style and strength.
Michelle leads a Women's Paddle Fit class as she demonstrates paddle grip, while students practice.
A Paddle Fit Group engages in exercise while laying face up on their SUPs.
Womens Group Paddle Fitness Class at Lacamas Lake
Womens Group Paddle Fitness Class at Lacamas Lake, exercise with tummy on board.

All Classes begin with an “Intro to SUP” demo, covering the basic fundamentals of Stand Up Paddle boarding before we even touch the water! All participants will be provided with a high quality Red Paddle Co board, paddle & life jacket. The pre-class demonstration always starts with safety & proper use of the required equipment. Michelle then goes into paddle adjustment, proper grip & stroke technique, and of course technique for getting back on your board if you fall off. This quick demo ensures that all participants get the basics before we head out for our workout. Once on the water we make our way to the other side of the lake, giving everyone a chance to get comfortable. Once we reach our Paddle-Fit destination on the lake we begin by working through a few simple moves to warm up and get our bodies used to the instability. Throughout the Paddle-Fit routine Michelle will model each move providing modifications and support before cueing participants to start. We believe in quality not quantity, so each exercise is timed for 60 secs, enabling participants to feel empowered and free to go at their own pace! 

No Equipment Required!                                                   

NW SUP will provide the high-quality paddle board and all safety equipment required.           

*NOTE: Attendees must use our provided Red Paddle Co SUP! For safety and a more uniform experience our programming is designed around the performance & limitations of these specific high-quality boards. If you have your own board & safety equipment check out our Happy Hour Tours on Thursday nights!


No special clothing required, but lightweight tighter clothing like exercise wear or swimsuit type material is recommended. Swimsuits can be worn, but may not be as functional, as we will be doing a lot of movement. NW SUP has loaner rash guards & neoprene booties if needed!

Accountability Policy:                                                         

We are true Northwesterners!! NW SUP & Fitness does not cancel classes due to rain, however weather advisory is always followed for extreme weather conditions. If a class is canceled due to weather conditions, refunds will be given, or a future class date may be selected if openings are available.                                                                                 

*Class spot will only locked & guaranteed after ticket purchase                                                       

*Refunds will not be given If you cancel or miss a class