Women’s Group Hikes

Women’s Group Hikes are a great way to safely explore The Great Northwest and build community!


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These events are FREE! 

For many, the idea of taking on a trail alone or for the first time can be overwhelming, there are many factors that come into play when contemplating a hike and we are here to help! It is very difficult at times to locate a trailhead, or you may have anxieties around how safe the trail will be, you are not alone! To keep things simple we have picked a few designated hikes that we feel are safe, and have goal sets that are attainable for most participants. Safety is our number one priority from start to finish, and you can feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands when hiking with Michelle. 

Safety In Numbers 

For all group hikes it is standard practice to have a designated meet up location so that everyone can travel together ensuring we all make it there, and make it there safely. 

Length & Difficulty 

Our hikes range from 9.5-12 miles and are usually rated as moderate so we go at a pace that feels comfortable to the group as a whole, resting along the way to take it all in. These are destination hikes for destination hikers on well trafficked trails, and we know them well. 

Trail Prep 

Weather appropriate clothing & hiking shoes are a must! In the colder/ wetter months, waterproof clothing is recommended especially for long hikes. For warm weather hiking, lightweight clothing is a great option but full length pants are still recommended. 

At least 48oz-72oz of water, you can never have too much H2O!

Backpack with extra socks, gloves, sunglasses & healthy snacks

Camera to take advantage of all the  beautiful photo ops!

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Michelle sticks her tongue out at the camera while leading a group of fellow hikers on a wet trail.
Michelle and fellow hikers in front of a waterfall during one of the Group Hikes.
A Group Hike participant takes the creek crossing across a large tree at North Siouxon Creek.
A Group of smiling hikers on the Bells Mountain Trail.
A group of women rest in front of the Geep after taking part in the Hidden Falls hike.

North Siouxon Creek to Black Hole Falls Trail 

This trail is listed as aprox 9.8 miles out & back, but our tracking shows it to be about 12 miles over all. This trail is so enchanting with it’s beautiful lush forest floor, several creek crossings all along the way, and of course our destination Black Hole Falls! When you see this large waterfall plunging into the deep clear blue pool below it will take your breath away!  

Difficulty: Moderate ~ Intermediate to advanced fitness level

Length: 11.5-12 miles 

Approx Hike Time with stops & lunch: 3-5 hours 


Cold Creek Campground to Moulton Fall Via Bells Mountain Trail 

Beginning at Cold Creek Campground we hike the Bells Mountain Trail down to Moulton Falls. This is a heavily trafficked, moderately rated trail that is accessible year-round with amazing views of Mt St Helens along the way! The trail varies back and forth between forest and clear cut areas, with a few forest road crossings. It winds up the mountain and then back down, popping out on Moulton Falls Trail where we hike along the river to finish up. 

Difficulty: Moderate ~ Intermediate to advanced fitness level

Length: 9.8 

Approx Hike Time with stops & lunch: 3-5 hours 


Hidden Falls via Tarbell Trail 

This adventure trail is one of our favorite hikes! It has stunning views, wildflowers, and the truly hidden destination,  beautiful Hidden Falls! The trail varies back and forth between forest and clear cut areas, most of which have been replanted several years ago. It’s amazing to see the forest at so many different stages, and well worth the trek!

Difficulty: Moderate ~ Intermediate to advanced fitness level

Length: 10.9

Approx Hike Time with stops & lunch: 3-5 hours