Percival Landing Park

Olympia, Washington

Percival Landing, Olympia Washington

Percival Landing Boardwalk is just outside of the downtown strip in Olympia, the Capitol of Washington State.

The almost 1 mile long boardwalk is decorated with modern and historical artworks, large play structures for your kids to enjoy, restaurants serving fresh caught fish off the Puget Sound, and in itself is an enjoyable family activity. While this is not considered a well-known paddle launch site, there is a public dock allowing you to get your board in the water and test your paddle skills on the beautiful Puget Sound. The waters in the marina are calm enough for really any skill level, but do keep in mind as soon as you leave the protection of the marina, the water in the Sound can get real big real fast! Heads up, they are currently having issues with large “smacks” of jellyfish in the Sound. In fact, larger gatherings or “smacks” of the Moon Jelly species of jellyfish can become so large that they can easily be spotted from the air. I must admit, paddling through seemingly endless schools of jellyfish was a bit intimidating!

Although the boardwalk and surrounding areas on the land are an excellent place for a family adventure, the larger bodies of water that make up the Puget Sound really should only be ventured out into by experienced paddlers. There are several smaller protected bays within the area for novice paddlers to explore the edges of the Puget Sound. We’ve actually spent a few of our wedding anniversaries at the Hilton Hotel located within a block of the public dock. Being able to leave your rig in the secure hotel parking lot and pack your boards a few hundred feet to the dock is definitely a perk worth considering when planning a trip to Olympia. Walking a few blocks in the opposing direction takes you to the downtown district with plenty of fun things to do for a night on the town including several live music venues. This little piece of the Sound is one of our favorite destinations when we’re looking for a little bit of nightlife to go along with our paddling!

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SUP Site Rating

  • Parking (Availability & Distance From Launch) 20% 20%
  • Launch Conditions 40% 40%
  • Difficulty Level 60% 60%
Note: Difficulty level is assuming paddlers stay in the protected marina area.  Only experienced paddlers should venture further out into the Sound!