Cullaby Lake County Park

Warrenton, Oregon

Paddle Boarding Cullaby Lake, Warren Oregon

Paddle Boarding Cullaby Lake is convenient with the park located just off US Highway 101 between Astoria and Seaside. Cullaby Lake is within the Cullaby Lake County Park and does have a small fee of $5 per vehicle for entry, or annual passes may also be purchased. It is located just off US Highway 101 between Astoria and Seaside. The 165 acre Park hosts a variety of family fun including picnic shelters, BBQ pits, Horseshoe games and other play areas, and has some of the better fresh-water fishing and nature observation to be had in the area. Our son especially loved the large bullfrogs all along the edge of the lake. It’s also worth noting, some of the homeowners along the lake’s edge have built some very intricate tree forts that in itself make the lake a worthy paddle! As far as fresh water Coastal Lakes go, Paddle Boarding Cullaby Lake is definitely one of our top destinations for a nice quiet remote paddle. So far, we’ve yet to see the parking lot full or even near capacity, which has made this a great spot during busier weekends when other locations may be overcrowded. The launch slopes very gradually into the water making it easy to get your boards in the lake. The water is calm enough for paddler’s of all skill levels to enjoy and makes for a perfect day of family paddling.

Cullaby Lake County Park Website

SUP Site Rating

  • Parking (Availability/Distance To Launch) 90% 90%
  • Launch Conditions 90% 90%
  • Difficulty Level 10% 10%
Note: Great for paddlers of all skill levels!