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Fitness Is A Lifestyle


Meet The Trainer

Hello & welcome to NW SUP & Fitness! My name is Michelle Doty, and I’m the licensed Fitness Trainer for NW SUP & Fitness. I am a board certified personal trainer thru NASM, a Nationally recognized and very stringent Fitness Certification Training Program. As a 36 year old Mother of two and a Wife to my amazing Husband of 18 years,  fitness has always played a key role in my life. It is my goal to take my knowledge of fitness training and experience in living a fitness lifestyle, and share it with those who wish to better themselves thru improved health and wellness. Growing up I was a chubby kid that came from a low income family, and between the extra pounds and the lack of funds to dress like the “cool” kids, I developed low self esteem at a young age that eventually followed me into high school. Around age 15, I realized something needed to change and started working out, beginning with just sit ups on my bedroom floor. That soon evolved into full body-weight routines as I had no equipment at my disposal, or means to pay for a gym membership, or even a way to get there. But that first year of working out in my bedroom I manage to lose 15lbs!  Late in the school year, my friends coerced me into wearing a skirt for a school dance (I had never been to a dance, or even considered wearing a skirt!) They were all blown away, and I have to admit that I was too. The next year, I traded in my baggy jeans for skin tight wranglers, and I felt better than I had in years. I believe we all struggle to see ourselves, to truly see what we are made of, and support is the single most important tool to success. We are not meant to make this journey alone. I am here to guide and support my clients on every level, I will design a program that will work for you and the unique challenges you face not just at the gym but out in this crazy, and sometimes unforgiving world.

Fitness Modalities

An ideal, well-balanced exercise routine includes three categories of exercise: cardiovascular activity, strength training and flexibility. Within these categories, several modalities exist.


The following represent a sampling of the many fitness modalities that Michelle incorporates into her training.

Trunk Rotation

This move really engages the core and works the upper body simultaneously

Wall Ball Squats

Wall Ball Squats work the entire body, building strength & cardio while improving stability

Dumbbell Curl

Nothing wrong with getting back to the basics! Perform this exercise from the standing position to increase core strength and stability

Dumbbell Front Raise

Increases shoulder strength, especially when combined with Lateral Raises. Caution: Lower weight is recommended

Sandbag Workout “Around The World”

An advanced sandbag workout that requires a lot of existing strength & stability to avoid potential injury. When done properly, it’s an amazing core workout and also improves upper body strengthening & muscular endurance

Sandbag Workout “Clean & Press”

The Sandbag “Clean & Press” begins with first mastering the “Clean” for a safe transition into the full “Press”. Great for upper body strength and core stability

Sandbag Workout “Front Load Squat”

Mastering the Squat with no added weight is a prerequisite for this move. Always start with lower weight to avoid injury to the lower back. Takes the Squat to a new level, forcing you to stabilize as you Squat

Push Up

Works the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps simultaneously. Keep the elbows tucked in for focus on the Triceps

Medicine Ball Push Up

An Advanced version of the standard Push Up. Triceps really feel this one!