By: Michelle Doty


What does that truly mean??

We are all getting older, the wear & tear of our lifestyle may be starting to show physically and mentally. I’m not talking about the laugh lines and crows feet, more along the lines of recovery, endurance, and those nasty little muscle imbalances that come with injury and/or pattern overload from our 9-5er. Training regularly to stay toned and sexy is always a good motivator for those already in a maintenance phase, but training regularly to stay healthy and strong all over is the most important! It’s also typical to jump straight to the subject of weight loss when exercise comes up, but what if we train so we can simply do the things we love to do, and let weight loss be a bonus??

TRAIN TO LIVE and live to train! Michelle embodies the fitness lifestyle

I absolutely love to dance! I will dance for hours, no way could I enjoy that amount of movement and hip dips 😜 without the leg work I do in my home gym and trail running. My shoulders & back would never hold up to a 4 hour paddle without the additional weight & endurance training, pattern overload is REAL, and can happen fast! Little secret; along with training & teaching, I run a construction company. I actually sit at a desk 6-8 hours a day, it would be impossible for me to maintain my physique and athletic abilities, I must train to maintain! My scenario may be a bit extreme but I think I have made my point. Put in the work and live it up!

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  1. Chris Parrish

    Great post and advice! Thank you. My wife and I met dancing and we loved to dance. So hard to even think about getting out there again when we both have so many aches and pains. But being able to do the things we love again is a great motivator to restart our exercise regimen.


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