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Spreading our love of SUP

By: Jeremiah Doty



Our Mission Is To Spread Our Love Of SUP

Our Goal Is To Get As Many People On The Water As Possible!


Our mission from day one has been to share our love of Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) with the world and get as many people as possible on the water! While we enjoy many outdoor activities, paddle boarding has truly become a passion!

We offer several different ways to “Get your feet wet” and step into the sport of Stand Up Paddling. We choose to utilize & retail high quality Red Paddle Co paddle boards because we want to represent the sport we love with the best possible products available.


Inflatable SUP Maker Red Paddle Co's red and black logo

Women’s Paddle Fit Classes

One of the most popular ways we encourage people to live a rewarding & fit lifestyle while incorporating paddle boarding is thru our amazing Women’s Paddle-Fit Classes! Co-Owner and licensed personal trainer, Michelle Doty, leads our Paddle-Fit Classes here at NW SUP & Fitness. Michelle is an amazingly compassionate and hard working trainer who truly wants to see people succeed.

Paddle-Fit Classes have been a huge hit for people of all fitness levels and paddle experience! No matter where you’re at in your fitness journey, we guarantee you will benefit both physically and mentally from your time on the water with Michelle.

Paddle Boarding alone can be a great full body workout, but combined with Michelle’s specialized Paddle-Fit routine it’s truly a fitness program on its own. We encourage you to “Think outside the GYM” and find fitness related hobbies you enjoy. And if that happens to be Paddle Boarding, you came to the right place! Click here for our Paddle-Fit Class Schedule


ALL Paddle-Fit Class ticket costs can be used towards the purchase of your own Stand Up Paddle Board for up to 20% OFF retail price!!*

*20% discount is for models used in Paddle-Fit Classes. Discounts on other models are available, ask us for current specials!



Trainer Michelle demonstrates a one handed "T" extension on her SUP, a perfect example of fitness outside the gym.

Private Group SUP Tours

Trying to figure out something new and exciting to do with your family over the Summer and keep the kids away from the TV? Out of town friends visiting that you haven’t seen in years and you want to avoid that awkward silence? Business Owner looking for new Team Building ideas?

Our experienced SUP Guides will lead you on your own private paddle adventure! Hire NW SUP & Fitness as your personal Group Sup Tour Guides for you and up to 9 additional paddlers! Try something new and create memories that last a lifetime. There’s no better way to see the Pacific NW than from the water while paddling at your own pace. Most SUP Tours last 4-6 hours. We supply high quality Red Paddle Co paddle boards and all required gear, you just bring a good attitude and some snacks & drinks of your choice!

Contact us today for rates & scheduling

One of our most popular SUP Tours is the “Lake Merwin One Lane Bridge” paddle. We launch from the One Lane Bridge onto the Lewis River section of Lake Merwin. From the launch we’ll be paddling up the Lewis River, turning onto Canyon Creek at the Merwin Dam Spillway and following the creek until it eventually reaches the lowest Canyon Creek Falls where we’ll stop for a rest & photo opportunity! Expect to see lots of bottom feeding fish and trout in the crystal clear waters of Canyon Creek, and if you’re lucky you might even see fish jumping up the falls. Deep forest and moss covered rocks line both sides of the river, as well as a few smaller waterfalls along the way. There are a few small pebble beaches that make for perfect paddle pit stops and family photo op’s. Keep your eyes open for wildlife! We’ve seen river otter, beaver, osprey, bald eagles, and even the occasional Tiger Muskie which can grow up to 4 feet long and have tiger-like stripes down their sides.

Group SUP Tour participants are eligible for up to 20% OFF the purchase of your own Stand Up Paddle Board!!*

*20% discount is for models used in Group SUP Tour. Discounts on other models are available, ask us for current specials!


Experienced SUP guides lead a group on a tour.
Co-owner Jeremiah carries one of his prized Red Paddle inflatable SUP boards, a brand he highly recommends after much testing and research.

Why Red Paddle Co Inflatable Paddle Boards?

I’ve been lucky enough to tour the Pacific Northwest and test paddle pretty much every major SUP Type & Brand on the market. I gotta say, the knock-off brand iSUP boards were a big disappointment, and were not even close to being comparable to any of my fiberglass paddle boards. They were about as stable as trying to stand on top of a pool toy! 

Luckily, we were introduced to some folks on Red Paddle Company inflatables who offered us a chance to try their boards. I was instantly hooked! If you’ve been on the water much at all, I’m sure you’ve seen the low pressure inflatables that don’t hold their shape. Don’t let yourself be lured in by the low price of the department store inflatables, you get what you pay for. On that note, while Red Paddle inflatables are going to cost you more than a knock-off department store model, they are considerably cheaper than other inflatable boards of the same caliber.

In all the years of using Red Paddle Inflatable Paddle Boards in both our personal life and our professional SUP Fleet, we have never had any issues nor seen a better value for your dollar. Red Paddle Co is the clear choice for us


A message of love and an offer: Class or group participation costs count towards up to 20% off a SUP purchase from Northwest SUP and Fitness.


  1. Chris Parrish

    Of course I’m biased because I know you guys, but I really am impressed with your dedication to fitness as a life style and to educating others. Thank you!

    Beyond that, it seems like few other outdoor activities can boast this combination of ease of entry for beginners, low (or no) impact, amazing scenery, and adventure.

    My wife and I are planning to return to taking dance classes, but we may just have to give SUP a try.

  2. Emily

    The class was great! Thank you Michelle & Jeremiah, you guys rock!

  3. Michelle Doty

    Do the comments work now??

  4. Jasmin

    Love this article!

  5. Jasmine

    I’ve been taking the paddle classes and recently purchased my first stand up paddle board from Michelle and Jeremiah using the class fee discount program. Just wanted to say, these guys rock!

  6. Kris

    Class price, location, and schedule

    • Jeremiah Doty

      Apologies for the delayed response Kris! We had some technical issues with out website comments.
      You can find our Class Schedule here:
      The Women’s Paddle Fit Classes are $30 each and are hosted every Wednesday at 6pm in different locations in Clark County Washington

  7. Regina

    How do I get signed up for the Paddle Fit Classes??


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